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Do you require a minimum order?

No, we do not require any minimum order. We do charge $10 for ground shipping for orders under $50 to cover our handling costs for small orders.


Do I still get free shipping on my order even if it contains lots of heavy or large items?

Yes! If your order total is $50 or more, ground shipping to the 48 states is FREE no matter what types of items you order! Click here for more info about shipping


I see the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) listed for each item. Can I charge more if I want to?

Absolutely! You can price your items however you like. You will find many cases where the customers in your area are particularly interested in one type of item, so you're able to charge more than the SRP. The SRP you see listed on the site is just a guideline.


Can have a catalog sent to me?

We no longer print a catalog, as it was too costly to produce due to the significant decrease in demand over the past several years. Since we are always adding new products and discontinuing others, it's best to use the website to shop for products in any case.


Can I backorder items that are out of stock?

Because of our flat shipping rate, we do not backorder items that are out of stock. Out of stock items cannot be added to your cart. Whenever possible, we do post an ETA when the item will be available, and you can also request to be notified when an item is back in stock. Sending out multiple shipments per order would require that we raise our prices due to increased shipping costs.


Do you offer drop shipping?

We simply ship to whatever address you specify in your order, whether that be yours or someone else's. We do not charge any extra if you ship to a different address. The packing slip and outer box label will have our address printed on it, but it will not show our business name or any other contact information, and prices are never printed on packing slips.

Our Newsletter

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